My 10 year old hound dog & I are seeking a simple home in the Boulder area. I'm full time student in my mid 40s at Naropa, finishing my undergrad & pursuing a masters. I will be in the area for 3-4 years. I'm hoping to find a small studio apartment or mother in-law suite for myself & my dog.

I'm essentially a minimalist (except for one too many books), I have a remote job working in technology and am attending school full time.

I'm quiet, responsible, mindful and my pupper is a sweet soul who enjoys lounging about, likes kids and is friendly with other dogs. She's also crate trained, well trained and never left unattended. I'm looking for a landlord who is kind and respectful.

Please check out my Linkedin profile for the "professional me" info & the insta profile for my more personal (yet not updated too often) information. I am fully vaccinated & covid cautious. ;)

Got A Home?

Let's start a conversation. Shoot me your info or just email me: rockhoundnerd@protonmail.ch

Thank you

I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks so much!

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